Weight training

Weight training

Yo guys, it’s Eddie here again with another sports and fitness blog. I noticed that I have started to put on a little Christmas weight, so I went online and found some used weights for sale at http://www.cheap.forsale/. Ever since then I have been hard at work. I plan to try out for some adult sports teams this summer, so I need to get my body back in shape and for me, doing some free weights at home is the best way. That’s why I put together this small package of exercises you can do at home with just some free weights.

Upper Body

The most basic upper body exercise is the bench press(if you didn’t get a bench with your weights, you can get one for cheap). Start by laying either flat or inclined at a bench, and grip the barbell shoulder width apart with both hands. Bring the weight  bar down to your chest, and then back up for one rep. Another good upper body exercise is the military press, and this doesn’t involve a bench. From either a standing or sitting position, start by either holding a barbell or two dumbbells at shoulder height. Press the weight upwards until you reach a full arm extension, then slowly bring it back down to shoulder height. A good, more advanced exercise is the barbell row. Stand with your feet past shoulder width, and grab the barbell with your arms close to the outside of your leg. Bending your knees, pull the barbell up to your chest then back down.

bench press


The core is something often neglected during workouts, but I think it deserves more attention than most. Personally, I do core workouts with every workout I do. One of the most basic free weight core workouts is dead lifts. The best way to perform a dead lift is to place your feet shoulder width apart while standing in front of a barbell that is resting on the ground. You then bend your knees and point your hips forward so that you can grab the barbell. Then straighten your knees and stand straight up, bringing the barbell with you. Remember to keep your back straight and the barbell close to your body.

More Core

As I said, I think the core deserves more attention than any other part of your body. Those NFL players are going to the Pro Bowl because of their wicked abs, so let’s try to get some ourselves shall we? A great core exercise to do with a declined bench is the decline sit-ups. Lay with your back against the bench, holding a small weight in each hand. Place your hands where it feels most comfortable to do a sit up (head, chest, thighs etc) and then proceed to do a sit up like your normally would, except with an incline. I usually perform these ab workouts until fail, and then switch to another ab workout to do until fail. I will do 3 of these fails cycles before moving onto another part of the workout, like lower body.


core weights

Lower Body

Ever heard the phrase “skip leg day”? It is used to refer to people who only workout the top half of their body, and neglect their legs. As someone who played in the scrum quite a bit though, my leg muscles will never look like that. The exercise I start with is a back squat, which is made much easier with a squat rack.  If you have an at home gym then you can buy cheap secondhand squat racks online at http://www.cheap.forsale/squat-rack.  Stand beneath the barbell and place it over your shoulders, squeezing your shoulder blades together to form a shelf for the barbell. Keep the bar on your new shoulder rack, and squat to a 90 degree angle, then return up. A good lower body exercise without a squat rack is a power clean. Start in the same position you were in for a dead lift, and when your bring the weight up you want to bring it all the way to your shoulders. You will want to use a slight thrust from your hips to help throw the bar up, and then rotate your arms and hands so your catch the barbell in in between your thumb and fingers.

leg weights

Warm up/Cool Down

An important part of every workout is the warm up and cool down. I try to incorporate a little stretching and cardio into my warm ups, so having a yoga mat can be really helpful. Try some basic variants of the workouts you will be doing, just to get your muscles in the groove of things. If you follow these basic instructions and can make time for at least one exercise from each group I posted, staying fit should be no issue. Merry Christmas, see you next week.


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